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Some supplement companies today continue to introduce nothing more than under-dosed, over-hyped supplements masquerading as "hardcore" fat-loss and/or muscle building products and touting these products as nothing short of some sort of industry phenomenon. Consumers are continuously being fooled by misleading advertising and outlandish claims put out by these companies. The unscrupulous individuals behind these supplement companies continue to profit at the consumers' expense. This must stop! From the release of our first product introduced by EVOchem in 2010, many inquisitive first time consumers have now become repeat customers. With such a positive response, EVOchem has continued to release quality, cutting edge nutritional supplements each year, with no intention of slowing down. Much of the positive response has been attributed to the fact that many of the products have been formulated with ingredients that are backed by scientific data. In where consumers are becoming more educated, EVOchem is confident it will remain a top choice for both athletes and fitness minded consumers.

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